Insecure Anti-Atheist Author Anthony DeStefano Tries to Make Money by Promoting an Oppressive Unconstitutional Christian Theocracy, Cries When Atheists Demand Evidence & Challenge His Fragile Beliefs

This guy can’t be serious. Well, he is trying to sell his crappy book… But wow. This reads like an article from The Onion! But apparently Anthony DeStefano is so triggered by us atheists daring to demand actual evidence before we believe in an invisible “god” that he can’t seem to stop crying about it.

He seems VERY insecure in his beliefs.

He is clearly an authoritarian Christian theocratic fascist wannabe. He wants to oppress everyone else with his religion being promoted and endorsed to all of us by the government. He is anti-religious freedom and anti-equality. (Religious freedom, of course, includes freedom from religion. Since, otherwise, it wouldn’t be real freedom. This means a secular, neutral government that endorses no religious beliefs.)

DeStefano simply wants to promote Christian supremacy/superiority and he believes that Christians should receive preferential treatment from our government. DeStefano is just angry that we atheists won’t simply shut up, “know our place,” and take it. That’s all this ridiculous article, and probably also his entire book, is about.


Happiest Countries are the LEAST Religious

Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Finland: These are four of the *least* religious countries in the world, and they ranked in the top four of the World Happiness Index. We have a lot to learn to improve our nation, my fellow Americans.

And religious people, why do you think your “god” has allowed these countries to be so much better off than we are in America? There is no “god” taught or promoted in the public schools or government in these countries. They are far safer, healthier, and happier than we are in the U.S. Makes ya think, doesn’t it? ? —

“Four different countries have held top spot in the four most recent reports- Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland.”