It boils down to this– I want to ask these people who support the motto “In God We Trust” being endorsed by government: “Do you think the government should promote that Christians are superior to everyone else and deserve preferential treatment? …Or even if you want to pretend as though the motto doesn’t specifically promote Christianity (which it does), then I would ask: Do you think the government should promote the idea that people who ‘trust in God’ are superior to everyone else who doesn’t, and that those individuals deserve preferential treatment?

Yes or no. Do you support government promoting that some people are superior based on religious beliefs? Or don’t you?”

We should all stop tolerating oppressive Christians who want a theocracy. They don’t care about real religious freedom for all, the founding of this nation, the Constitution, or separation of church and state.

So these above questions are the bottom line. I’m fed up with oppressive, prejudiced, discriminatory people. They want the government to promote their biases and prejudices. This is WRONG. Atheists are NOT inferior. Atheists are not less moral, less patriotic, or less worthy of representation by our government.

Stand up and fight back. Speak up for rights for us all. No more preferential treatment for Christians by our government. No more Christian supremacy/superiority. Government must stop endorsing religion.

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