Insecure Anti-Atheist Author Anthony DeStefano Tries to Make Money by Promoting an Oppressive Unconstitutional Christian Theocracy, Cries When Atheists Demand Evidence & Challenge His Fragile Beliefs

This guy can’t be serious. Well, he is trying to sell his crappy book… But wow. This reads like an article from The Onion! But apparently Anthony DeStefano is so triggered by us atheists daring to demand actual evidence before we believe in an invisible “god” that he can’t seem to stop crying about it.

He seems VERY insecure in his beliefs.

He is clearly an authoritarian Christian theocratic fascist wannabe. He wants to oppress everyone else with his religion being promoted and endorsed to all of us by the government. He is anti-religious freedom and anti-equality. (Religious freedom, of course, includes freedom from religion. Since, otherwise, it wouldn’t be real freedom. This means a secular, neutral government that endorses no religious beliefs.)

DeStefano simply wants to promote Christian supremacy/superiority and he believes that Christians should receive preferential treatment from our government. DeStefano is just angry that we atheists won’t simply shut up, “know our place,” and take it. That’s all this ridiculous article, and probably also his entire book, is about.


Happiest Countries are the LEAST Religious

Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Finland: These are four of the *least* religious countries in the world, and they ranked in the top four of the World Happiness Index. We have a lot to learn to improve our nation, my fellow Americans.

And religious people, why do you think your “god” has allowed these countries to be so much better off than we are in America? There is no “god” taught or promoted in the public schools or government in these countries. They are far safer, healthier, and happier than we are in the U.S. Makes ya think, doesn’t it? ? —

“Four different countries have held top spot in the four most recent reports- Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland.”

Abstinence-Only Propaganda Promoted by Christian Fundamentalist Zealots in Trump Administration, Despite Evidence, In Secret

Christian fundamentalists have power in this country and do not care about facts or evidence. They are willing to cause harm to others and refuse to consider the data regarding effectiveness and consequences of their decisions. They also do not want to be exposed, hence why the make hasty decisions behind closed doors. There’s no logic or rationality whatsoever. Just pure religious fundamentalist fear, judgment, shaming, and their own narrow, closed-minded, strict conservative religious beliefs about “morality.” —-


From the article,

“The Trump administration’s abrupt cancellation of a federal program to prevent teen pregnancy last year was directed by political appointees over the objections of career experts in the Department of Health and Human Services, which administers the program, according to internal notes and emails obtained by NBC News.

The trove shows three appointees with strict pro-abstinence beliefs — including Victoria Huber, the then-chief of staff for the department’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health — guided the process to end a program many medical professionals credit with helping to bring the nation’s teen pregnancy rate to an all-time low.

Prior to serving at HHS, Huber was the president of Ascend, an association that promotes abstinence until marriage as the best way to prevent teen pregnancy.

The $213 million Teen Pregnancy Program was aimed at helping teenagers understand how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It had bipartisan support in Congress and trained more than 7,000 health professionals and supported 3,000 community-based organizations since its inception in 2010.
In the notes provided to NBC News, Evelyn Kappeler, who for eight years has led the Office of Adolescent Health, which administers the program, repeatedly expressed concerns about terminating the program, but appeared out of the decision-making loop and at one point was driven to tears.

In a July 17, 2017 note, she says she was admonished to “get in line” and told it was not her place to ask questions about the agency’s use of funds. In a July 28 note, Kappeler recalled she was “frustrated about the time this process is taking and the fact that (her staff) has not been part of the discussions.” She described being “so rattled” that “my reaction when I got on (sic) the phone was to cry.”

She and her staff “were not aware of the grant action until the last minute” — an apparent reference to the decision, it says.
Last month, Democracy Forward, a nonprofit law firm and advocacy group, sued the administration for unlawfully terminating the program after the agency took months to respond to its Freedom of Information Act request.

The group claims the newly obtained emails show that HHS violated the Administrative Procedure Act that bars arbitrary decision-making and that the political appointees thwarted the will of Congress.
“Now that we’ve seen these documents, there is no question to us why the Trump administration withheld” the emails, said Skye Perryman, the group’s lawyer. The decision to end the program “was made hastily, without a record of any reasoned decision making and under the influence of political appointees who have long opposed evidenced-based policy,” she said.

Government endorsement of “In God We Trust” is about preferential treatment for Christians, aka Christian supremacy/superiority

It boils down to this– I want to ask these people who support the motto “In God We Trust” being endorsed by government: “Do you think the government should promote that Christians are superior to everyone else and deserve preferential treatment? …Or even if you want to pretend as though the motto doesn’t specifically promote Christianity (which it does), then I would ask: Do you think the government should promote the idea that people who ‘trust in God’ are superior to everyone else who doesn’t, and that those individuals deserve preferential treatment?

Yes or no. Do you support government promoting that some people are superior based on religious beliefs? Or don’t you?”

We should all stop tolerating oppressive Christians who want a theocracy. They don’t care about real religious freedom for all, the founding of this nation, the Constitution, or separation of church and state.

So these above questions are the bottom line. I’m fed up with oppressive, prejudiced, discriminatory people. They want the government to promote their biases and prejudices. This is WRONG. Atheists are NOT inferior. Atheists are not less moral, less patriotic, or less worthy of representation by our government.

Stand up and fight back. Speak up for rights for us all. No more preferential treatment for Christians by our government. No more Christian supremacy/superiority. Government must stop endorsing religion.

Attack me all you want, oppressive Christian theocrats. It’s not actually about me.

Re: the large “In God We Trust” display in Wentzville, MO — When the mayor, aldermen, and other Wentzville residents who want a Christian theocracy try to make this issue about me and what a “radical leftist atheist outsider” they think I am, it doesn’t faze me. The facts are on our side. It’s not about me. It never was. It’s about the U.S. Constitution and the founding of this nation, which was for a government that remains neutral, never advancing or endorsing religion.

I am used to this strategy of theirs. Thrive (fake clinics) and their fake “Best Choice” program did the exact same thing last year. Thrive’s “Best Choice” was in 20 St. Louis area public school districts teaching medically inaccurate, shame-based, fear-based abstinence-only fake sex ed propaganda. They attacked me and the other parents & residents who spoke up against them. They frequently tried to make it all about me and what a “radical” I am. But now Thrive is only in 4 public school districts, instead of 20.

The facts were on our side then, and they’re on our side now. They can try to make this about me and attack me all the want. It is a distraction from the real issue, which they don’t want to talk about. This is about the separation of church and state and real religious freedom, which includes freedom FROM religion.