The Friendly Atheist covered this story on his blog. Be sure to watch the video. If you actually time me while I was speaking, I spoke for 4 minutes & 35 seconds when Mayor Nick Guccione interrupted me and said, “Your 5 minutes is up.” He then became combative with me and accused me of lying about having spoken with Wentzville residents who are upset about the “In God We Trust” display. He said this despite the fact that I had just explained that the reason those people are hesitant to come forward is because of the hostility, prejudice, and animosity toward them for being secular. This prejudice and discrimination is being promoted by government’s endorsement of the motto “In God We Trust.” The fact is that not everyone “trusts in God.” All residents should be represented by government, regardless of their religious beliefs or non-belief.

Also, in the video, check out the woman who speaks after me. She was given EXTRA time to speak, after she spoke against me and in support of the “In God We Trust” display. This was clearly viewpoint-based discrimination against me. That’s why I was removed, whereas that woman got extra time to speak. This is unacceptable.



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